Lake Atitlan from the San Pedro Volcano

Lake Atitlan from the San Pedro Volcano
Lake Atitlan from the San Pedro Volcano

11 November 2006

weekend number 3

November 11, 2006 4:34 pm

It’s Saturday afternoon, pitch black outside, and rainy. That’s ok though, because I’ve had a great weekend so far and am looking forward to the rest of it too! Yesterday, I officially booked my flight home and to Spain (I actually get in a day earlier than I first thought – so, I’ll be home the night of the 22nd). We had shooting practice yesterday morning and watched some film. Some of the game was bad to watch, but some of it was encouraging too… we really have a lot of talent, now we just need to play a lot together. Last night Erin and I were on our way to practice together when I got a call that the gym we were supposed to practice in was filled with some other activity. We ended up going to the fitness club and doing a physio-ball workout and playing floor hockey. Supposedly, floor hockey is quite popular in Sweden among all those “athletes” that couldn’t make it with the traditionally popular sports (like soccer, bball, and ice hockey). We had a 3-on-3 floor hockey tournament… I was on the winning team!! It was Martina, Catie, and I. Yay : ) After “practice,” I hung out with Erin at her apt. I’m so happy she’s the other American here. I love her! We have a great time together.

This morning we had a workout at the fitness club again, but this one was planned and quite intense. It was a bocing and resistance-training workout. Really hard. Afterwards (and during), your muscles start feeling like jello. Erin and I want to start working out with Jose on a regular basis… everybody watch out, if we do, I think we could come back in the spring stronger than ever! Really though, the workouts feel so good. They’re upbeat, fast-paced, work your muscles to the point of exhaustion, and make your body feel that good-tired. Our team ate together at the “Taco Bar” (my first Mexican since I’ve been here), then we had a team meeting. We did some team building activities… discussing our goals for the season and how we’re going to get there. What a great environment! I love that our coaches and team care enough to check-in with everyone, get each other on the same page, and really dream together and believe in each other. It’s such a blessing to be here and a part of this team. Everyday I am thankful to be where I am.

I just downloaded Grey’s latest episode (I’m now buying it off iTunes because the free episodes aren’t aired outside the States) and watched it (terrific episode, but I think they’re pretty much all great… hehe). Now I might take a nap, but later should be exciting. Jasmine invited Erin and I to go with her to listen to her friend’s R&B/Hip-hop band play in a bar.

Have a great weekend!

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