Lake Atitlan from the San Pedro Volcano

Lake Atitlan from the San Pedro Volcano
Lake Atitlan from the San Pedro Volcano

07 November 2006

Walking Around

November 7, 2006 2:20pm

Walking around

This morning we didn’t have shooting practice because the gym was being used by someone else, so I had all morning to walk around and explore somewhere before heading off to practice. I hadn’t yet walked around Gamla Stan by myself, so thought I would do that. It was an absolutely gorgeous morning… it was warm enough to walk around without a hat and gloves and the sun was brightly shining. I walked along the water and by all the boats lined up on shore to take people out for tours about the archipelago. Stopped by the “Swedish Bookstore” to buy a more complete English-Swedish dictionary… that was sort of interesting, picking out a dictionary, that is: there was an American-Swedish dictionary and an English-Swedish dictionary. Hmmm. I picked the American one. There were also lots of brochures there about the museums and events going on in Stockholm. I will read those now probably.

I walked to the Royal Palace, the Treasury, some official courtyard and garden, and past Storkyrkan (the church in Gamla Stan) . I happened into the little store connected with the church. There was an older woman working inside who was very sweet and nice to talk to. She thought I was Swedish. When I told her I was American and was over here for about 6 months, she asked if I would get home for Thanksgiving or Christmas. That was thoughtful of her.

Meandered through some of the old streets of Gamla Stan, past many of the traditional and touristy shops, and across a bridge to Riddarholmskyrkan. It’s this little island with a bunch of very old buildings that used to be a monastery (I think). It was super windy on the island and there were bunches of leaves blowing in mini-tornadoes! All the streets were cobblestone. The church was closed… it’s only open from May to September. Maybe I’ll have to come back illegally in the summer months. Jk. Even though I really want to return then.

Walked back to the T and headed to Odensplan to find the library. I went to the Stockolm City Library – Stockholms Stadsbiblioteket. The building is shaped like a circle, and when you’re inside you sort of feel like you’re inside a many-layered-cake. I have a library card now! And, I took out three books – all in English. I went into the children’s section too, thinking that perhaps I might take out some beginning-reading books in Swedish… but couldn’t find them. When I was walking around the different sections, I saw this guy examining a bunch of DNA sequence. Oh, made me think of how many times I used to look over and over different sequences in my research lab. Made me wish I could do some research here too.

Before I took the T home, I stopped at a grocery store to grab a snack. Had my first “Pucko.” It’s my new favorite drink. It’s a Swedish chocolaty milk drink… quite tasty. Grabbing some lunch now, maybe a nap or reading, then off the practice. Hey då.

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