Lake Atitlan from the San Pedro Volcano

Lake Atitlan from the San Pedro Volcano
Lake Atitlan from the San Pedro Volcano

30 November 2006

From the Lab

Hi there... sitting in lab right now and waiting for my digest reaction to finish incubating. I have been in lab everyday this week and my project is moving along nicely. Haven't worked so much with Ingrid this week, she's the one who is teaching me how to plate bacteria, grow it, count it, be safe with it! I've been busy doing some more of the molecular biology techniques that I'm more familiar doing from my previous research experience and can do on my own. I think I'm going to set up something soon that requires I leave it incubating overnight... which means I'll have to come in early tomorrow morning before shooting practice to take care of it.

Today we had the day off (from bball), but I had an appointment to get a pair of orthotics made earlier this morning and tonight Erin, Malin, and I have to go to the photo studio to get our pics taken in our uniforms so that we can look the same as everyone else on the webpage.

The last couple days have been pretty "usual" - so to speak... nothing out of the ordinary or particularly exciting. I've been thinking a lot recently about the concept of actually living in another country, not just visiting, but actually living. Now when I walk around or ride the T, I've tried to view Stockholm as a visitor, but it's actually really hard. I know I've only been here for slightly more than a month and there is tons I have yet to see of the city, but being here even this long makes me really feel a part of it. Especially now that I am working in a lab and playing basketball, it's almost like being back at Stanford (though of course, not really close at all). It really is awesome though to have a sense of belonging in a place that isn't even your home country. I think that everyone, if at all possible, should live abroad for an extended period of time. The perspective gained is exciting and refreshing!

Ok, enough of that tangent... hmmm... what else: tomorrow our team is going to model in a fashion show at halftime of probably the biggest men's home basketball game of the year!! Will have to give you an update on that after the event. Pray that I don't trip and fall ; ) Last night we went to the designer outlet and the employees there helped us pick out our outfits... I am wearing some blue jeans, a black shirt-dress thing, red rubber boots with little monkeys on them, a scarf, and a blue bag with matching monkeys! I love my outfit. I wish I got to keep it, but modeling it for 4 minutes (or whatever the length of our routine) is good enough! Should be fun : )

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