Lake Atitlan from the San Pedro Volcano

Lake Atitlan from the San Pedro Volcano
Lake Atitlan from the San Pedro Volcano

22 November 2006

Checking In

November 22, 2006 12:16am

I’ve been not so diligent lately about blogging in a timely fashion. Oops. Sorry. At least I posted some pictures : ) Did you like the ones of my stitches? Perhaps I already shared this… but if I did already, oh well cause I think it’s pretty fun, but I took my own stitches out. That was cool!

So I think I haven’t been writing so much lately because I’m so addicted to reading. All through college I barely had anytime to read for leisure… so now that I don’t have any classes and therefore no lengthy reading assignments, I have more time just to read! I feel like I’m on vacation (the reading bit, at least). Last week I finished “The Short Day Dying” by Peter Hobbs. Then over the weekend I read “Abide with Me” by Elizabeth Strout. Currently, I’m reading “Memoir of a Geisha.” I can’t put it down! Do you have any good reads you can recommend for me? I’d love to know what your favorites are… chances are high that I haven’t read them. I really would like your suggestions, and then – when I’m reading the book, I could think of you too! Perfect.

Of course, outside of my reading world, I’ve had a pretty exciting week too. On Monday afternoon I met up with Aaron at the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control. It’s a government facility, on the campus of Karolinska and also directly attached to the university; therefore, I had to bring my passport and get a badge in order to enter the building. Aaron gave me a tour of the lab and then I had the chance to sit down and meet with the heads of the lab – Brigitta and Steffan Normark. They travel all over the world to conferences and meetings, so the odds of actually getting to sit down and talk with them was very exciting to me. Both were very enthusiastic about my desire to be involved in their lab. Brigitta was very helpful in wanting to get me started right away, if I so pleased. That being said – I start learning a bunch of new techniques in the lab… tomorrow morning!! (well, more accurately, in about 8 hours or so – but I’m so excited to do that and with the book I’m reading, I’m just not falling asleep yet). In total, the lab has about 25 people in it. Monday afternoon is the weekly lab-wide meeting, so I was invited to attend, asked to introduce myself to everyone there, and also meet everybody as well. I hope I remember at least some of their names tomorrow!

Monday night, instead of practice, we had a workout at Klubb Activs (the fitness club). Yes, we boxed! And yes, it was fun again!

Today I had morning shooting practice, ate lunch at the club cafeteria, talked a bit on skype (if I didn’t talk to you and you want to talk to me, get an account and contact me!), read some more, installed curtain rods (finally!), hung up my green bug light (it’s not for keeping bugs away, rather its shaped like a bug – I love it!!), and had practice tonight. Pretty good day… oh, and I’ve been talking to more and more people who might come and visit me here. That makes me very happy. First two visitors on Turkey Day. Yippee!!

Now, back to Geisha or to bed?? Hmmmm.

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