Lake Atitlan from the San Pedro Volcano

Lake Atitlan from the San Pedro Volcano
Lake Atitlan from the San Pedro Volcano

30 January 2008

Return to Stockholm

So we didn't exactly win the game against 08... but it was great fun to reunite with former teammates and friends. I was able to hang out with teammates on Saturday night, go to church at Immanuel International the next morning, eat some really delicious Indian food for lunch on Sunday with Jasmina as my date, and then meet up with Joanna and Manne for fika at the Kulturhuset before heading onto the bus and back to Jonkoping. Reconnecting is such a precious opportunity. I am very thankful for the time I had last year in Stockholm; I know I will have friends for life there!

21 January 2008

Radio Jönköping

Today I stopped by the Brahe basketball office to see Christina... she is sewing me some curtains for my apartment - isn't that the sweetest! Well, why I was there, the phone rang and it was for me. Suprise! It was some man from Radio Jönköping. He requested that Frida (my teammate) and I be on his show this evening. I just happened to be in the office while he called, so it all worked out well. Thanks God :) And then, Frida "randomly" showed up at the office too... anyway, we made it to the radio station this evening and had a brief moment to shine on the airways for Brahe. If you click on "Radio Jönköping" (the title above) you will get a link to the radio station. You can listen to our little interview and see a photo - Frida looks cute; I look like I have a black, shut eye and am sickly... lol, none of these symptoms are true of me - I feel great, really!... just wasn't a good day with the camera!! Enjoy listening :)

19 January 2008

Brahe Downs Visby

Tonight was a great team win for Brahe. Everyone who played had an important role and it was the first time this club beat Visby by so many points (at least, that what the coaches told us!). Very exciting for our team. When they were recruiting me to come and play, I think Brahe may have been 10th or 11th in the league. After today, we are 7th. There are some very tough games coming up - including next weekend up in Stockholm against my former team - but it is an exciting time for many of these girls... some of whom have never won 3 games in a row with Brahe. Now, it is not to get ahead of ourselves, but rather be thankful for the opportunity to play, work hard, make the club proud, praise God through our efforts on the court, and just have some good ol' teamworkin' fun! Here is where you can go to see the standings of our team in regards to the rest of the league: Thanks for cheering us on :) I like being the underdog!

P.S. The American who plays on Visby played basketball in college in Arizona with Jessica Starkey... just an interesting fact for those of you reading this and knowing of the "Storm days"!

15 January 2008

Adventures with Little Ballers

Let the little children come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. -Luke 18:16

Today I was blessed with the opportunity to share smiles and laughs with a bunch of little ones who, along with their families, have taken refuge in Sweden and distanced themselves from the strife in their home countries of Somalia and Iraq. From countries wrought with disorder and war, these families flee to Sweden for safety and with the hope of a better life. However, this culture and life here is all new. They come speaking no Swedish or English. They come with little more than a heart of hope and a willingness to serve. Today the children were as precious as precious can be. Huge smiles, bouncing heads, jumping legs, flying bodies. They were light. Those that have been here a few months speak some Swedish, others having more recently arrived speak little or no Swedish at all. In an environment unlike any they know, the wonder and joy of life abounds. Myself almost brought to tears in being allowed to shoot, dribble, and play with them, I praise God for His wondrous gifts. For children, above all, know and show the freedom and light that God offers us all!

14 January 2008

Home for Now

Here's a glimpse into my immediate surroundings here in Huskvarna. On the 10-15 minute walk to the Sport Hall, where the team practices most days, I cross two small bridges that cross over streams teaming with ducks. I live on Idrottsgatan - which translates to "sports street" in Swedish. Many futbol fields and an ice rink are located on this street. The view through the tress of the ice rink is what I see when I walk up the stairs in my apartment building. My apartment is on the 3rd floor and I have a small balcony. It's a quiet, peaceful, lovely place to live.

09 January 2008

Back in Sweden

I made it! Think I'm over jet lag... mostly that is. Exploring my new home. Huskvarna. It's a very nice place.

03 January 2008


With four minutes left on my internet-voucher... here I go: So, on my way to Huskvarna, Sweden to play for Brahe Basket in the Damligan League again. I've made it to Ansterdam, having left from Hartford, CT - but my flight from the Netherlands to Sweden was cancelled... no aircraft available to take us... so, onto a new light - during the wait - played a little guitar (tried to!), ate some tomato soup, and sent a couple emails to whoever is supposed to be picking me up at the airport in Sweden. Alrighty, times gonna run out on this computer. Talk soon. Email me! Yay for new adventures. Happy new year too!!