Lake Atitlan from the San Pedro Volcano

Lake Atitlan from the San Pedro Volcano
Lake Atitlan from the San Pedro Volcano

11 February 2012

Friday afternoon

Traditionally, Saturday morning has been my favorite time of the week. A chance to sleep in, to wake up to chirping birds and the morning air, and to experience the delight of a new day. However, Friday afternoons give Saturday mornings quite the competition for being the best part of the week. And for David, Friday afternoons are his favorite. So instead of seeing these two times as competing for the best part of the week, we embrace both and get to celebrate two “favorite times.” Guess that’s all a longwinded way of saying… I was excited for it to be Friday afternoon because I know how much David loves Friday afternoons!     
Today was Libby’s parents last day in Nepal. They have a flight out late tonight. Her mom had been wanting to get a custom-made kurta. So we brought them back to the place where I had a couple kurtas made for me.  
[About ten days ago we had accompanied Olga and friends to Neeva Fashion: Kurta Salwar, Sarees, and Fancy Ladies Wear. We had gone in hopes of picking out fabric for a kurta (tunic-topic), trousers, and matching scarf. It’s quite the process and can be overwhelming at times, as the women who work there have all the material organized in neat piles on shelves and as a customer remains unsure about this color or that pattern, they will unfold and present more and more choices. By the end of the process, we had probably seen over 100 unique color, pattern, and material combinations! They come in every color imaginable, have varying degrees of “bedazzlement” with sequins and sparkle, and may be made of cotton, pashmina, silk, or probably some others. I couldn’t decide on only one, so I splurged for two! They took many measurements of me with their cloth tape measure. As recommended by Olga’s friends who have had many kurtas made over the years, I asked for the tailors to measure “loosely” – as I was much taller than the average Nepali and wanted to be sure to fit into my new clothes. We paid on the spot and were instructed to return in about a week’s time for the finished products.]  
As you can imagine, I was incredibly excited that Libby’s mom wanted to have her own kurta made, as I had the chance to experience this rainbow of fabrics all over again. I also thought my own kurtas might be ready for pick-up. They were! So as Libby’s mom was choosing between materials, I was trying on my new kurtas. They are wonderfully comfortable and elegant looking. We even found an already-tailored beautiful tunic top that Libby liked and looked gorgeous wearing.     
After our kurta extravaganza in Kupondole, Laltipur (Patan), we took a 15-minute taxi ride into Thamel (Kathmandu) for dinner at an Israeli vegetarian restaurant suggested by our guidebooks: OR2K (
The menu was filled with delicious salads, soups, Mediterranean combos, and more. We had a special treat because the vegetables were all pre-treated in filtered water, so visitors such as ourselves could actually eat the salad! (a very rare occasion here). In addition to the delicious food, the seating arrangements were padded mats on the floor with low tables, the room was lit by black lights making everything that was white or bright glow fluorescently, and the walls were covered in colorful paintings. I would gladly return here for another meal!
After dinner, Libby’s parents prepared to head to the airport and Libby and I headed back home via a series of two taxi rides, as the first driver seemed a bit confused about his whereabouts. All in all, it was one superb Friday afternoon here and though I am missing David to share it with, I’m happy to know he spent the exact same hours enjoying a morning golf outing!

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