Lake Atitlan from the San Pedro Volcano

Lake Atitlan from the San Pedro Volcano
Lake Atitlan from the San Pedro Volcano

28 December 2006


December 28, 2006 7:17pm EST

Sitting in Logan International Airport. Been home for a few days, now off again! The time at home flew by and this year more than ever, I really wish I could stay just for a few more days. Don’t get me wrong – I’m SO excited to go to Spain, but I just wish I could spend a little more time with family and talk to a few more people on the phone. Just now while waiting at the airport, I did get to talk to Pete and Quinn! What an absolute cutie. I love him so much!

Christmas was really nice this year, though a bit different than usual. Normally we have a big family Christmas party on Christmas Eve, but this year my dad was sick. Sad. So, we had the fam over on Christmas day for dinner and had a relaxing Christmas Eve (that is, except for my poor dad who wasn’t feeling so hot). We went to Midnight Mass. It’s my favorite time to attend Christmas mass.

I love just being with family. I feel so blessed to have such a warm, welcoming, and loving family. My aunt and uncle from Vermont spent Christmas down here this year; the first time in twenty years! The saddest part of Christmas was not having my great-grandparents here for dinner on Christmas day; let’s just say – they could use your prayers… as could my grandmother (their daughter), she is an absolute angel and has welcomed them into her home and is now their caregiver – all the time!. God please bless her!! Grammie, I love you SO much and think you are wonderful. I pray that God will give you the strength and courage to take care of Gram and Gramp, and also provide you with time for Him and peace in your heart, mind, and soul.

I’m also very thankful for Noah. I’m so proud of who he is becoming. We were able to spend a good bit of time together, even if it some of it was while working out! I really enjoy his company and the conversations we have. I’m so happy that Cortland seems to be such a good fit. He looks great, really seems to have matured (not that he was immature, but he’s just different – sort of), and is just a great guy. Real. Genuine. Tells it like it is. I love that. I wish we could spend more time together and I really wish he could come over to Sweden, but maybe I’ll have to settle for a cross-country trip with him in the spring… more on that later, but that could be really great!

Caught up with Em, Shannon, Coach, Jackie, and Delaney…. becoming a wonderful Christmas Eve tradition! (5 years in a row?) And guess what?! Em received a ticket to Stockholm for a Christmas present. Yippee!!! It’s like a Christmas present for me too : ) I am so excited she will be coming over in the spring. Yay yay yay.

Today Mom, Dad, and I spent some time in Boston before heading to the airport for my flight. We walked a bit around Quincy market and my parents bought me a gorgeous matreshka (I don’t think that’s how you spell it, but I’m talking about the Russian wooden nesting dolls – I collect them; each one is such a beautiful piece of unique artwork!). It’s fun to spend time with my parents. They seem so happy. It makes me very happy.

Well, off to Granada now… via Iceland, Stockholm, Barcelona, and Malaga... hopefully I will arrive eventually. It’s been a wonderful Christmas that went by much too fast. God, I praise you with thanksgiving for my family and friends and lift them up in prayer. I feel so blessed to feel so loved, and especially blessed to be loved by You. With all my heart, thank you.

Now, to Spain and beyond….!!!!

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