Lake Atitlan from the San Pedro Volcano

Lake Atitlan from the San Pedro Volcano
Lake Atitlan from the San Pedro Volcano

11 February 2007

Win at Brahe

February 11, 2007 7:39pm

On the bus home from our game in Huskvarna against Brahe. Have you ever heard of Huskvarna sewing machines? Evidently they are pretty famous sewing machines, but I’m not really up on that sort of thing. Anyway, these machines hail from the town we just played our game at. There ya go, fun fact for the day : )

We started the game well and Brahe never really stayed close. The first half we shot over 60% and had many players do well. The second half wasn’t so great, but lots of people had the chance to play and we still ended up winning by at least twenty points. Nothing about the game was spectacular (though Malin did score like 5 times in a row or something like that in the first half, so that was fun!). We now have a week of practice before our next game.

Speaking of the next game… it’s against Luleå. They are tied for first place in the league with Solna. The game is next Sunday afternoon. And, most importantly…God-willingly, my parents will be here!! Yippee!!!! I am so excited for their visit. I’ve had the tour books out, been to the city information centers, and am just trying to be prepared as possible to be a sorta-ok tour guide ;) Really though, what I am absolutely most excited about is the opportunity to spend the time with them.

Anyway, just a little update for you. This week looks pretty “usual.” Some time in lab, some time at practice… oh, I might finally be getting internet. Also, last night I hung out with Joanna and her fiancée Manne – we made homemade pizzas (with sauce and dough from scratch) and watched the Melodifestival (a HUGE deal here!). You can look it up online, or perhaps I’ll make an entry about it later! It was a fun weekend and now it is time to get my apartment all ready for my parents’ arrival.

Have a great week!

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