Lake Atitlan from the San Pedro Volcano

Lake Atitlan from the San Pedro Volcano
Lake Atitlan from the San Pedro Volcano

20 January 2007


January 20, 2007 5:20pm

Yesterday morning I started keeping a journal. A journal filled with prayers. Lately, I’ve really been wanting to pray a lot… pray for people and just talk with God. Sometimes I feel like I’m over here in Sweden, part way across the world and away from most everyone I’m close to and love, and I feel that I can’t really be a part of everyone’s lives like how I want to be. I can’t spend the actual time with you. I can’t give somebody a hug, crack up in uncontrollable laughter with you, or just sit together without saying a word. I miss that. So… I’m going to do what I can do: pray.

So, I ask you this… if there is anything at all going on in your life – joyful or joyless, exciting or routine, peace-filled or angry – tell me about it and let me pray for you. Everybody needs prayer, no matter how together life seems or not. Prayer is powerful and it’s something I can do from here, for you.

I haven’t written in an actual journal for a while, really not at all since I’ve started keeping the blog (everything has been done on my laptop). Yesterday when I retrieved one of the journals that I brought with me, I glanced at some of the old entries – entries from late summer and early autumn. As I read over some of what I was writing and what I had been praying for then, two really big things that I prayed for have happened. The prayers have been answered! And of course, God answered them in ways that I could never predict, but in ways that are much more awesome than I could even have imagined either.

So, if you would – let me know how I can be praying for you, or at least how life’s been going lately.

Enjoy your weekend and I really hope to hear from you :)

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